Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Manual / User Guide PDF Download

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Manual – Just for your information, Samsung Galaxy Note 5 comes with some new specs and features. Therefore, you may need to understand and adapt with these new features. Even, for some long-time Galaxy Note users, these new features may still confuse as what to do with it and what the function of the feature.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Manual

By reading the user manual, you can easily understand the new features provided by Samsung Galaxy Note 5. This page consists of a collection of official user manual of Samsung Galaxy Note 5 in all languages.

Samsung Galaxy S5 User Manual

We intentionally provide you these manuals so that you can download and read it offline. All files here are made in PDF format. It is also imperative to note that in specific regions or countries, or with different carriers, there may be some differences in the features of Samsung Galaxy Note 5. This is because some carriers may bundle some special apps.

In this regards, we recommend you to download specifically the Galaxy Note 5 user manual for your region and for your Galaxy Note 5 model.

Simply click the download link, then select save link as to download the user manual to your PC. In case you use Smartphone or tablet, please simply tap and hold the link, then select save link as to download.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 User Manual PDF Download

English (International versions)SM-N920I, SM-N920C and SM-N920CD, SM-N9208Asia, Latin America, Middle East and AfricaDownload Here
ThaiSM-N920I, SM-N920C and SM-N920CD, SM-N9208ThailandDownload Here
Simplified Chinese (International versions)SM-N920I, SM-N920C and SM-N920CD, SM-N9208Latin America, Middle East, Africa and Asia except mainland ChinaDownload Here
EnglishSM-N920AUS – AT&TDownload Here
EnglishSM-G920PUS – SprintDownload Here
EnglishSM-G920TUS – T-MobileDownload Here

Note: If you have difficulty to read the Pdf file format, you can download first the Adobe Reader needed to read it here.